MANIFESTING YOUR INNER VISION THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY- October 10-14 2016 - San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico

This week long workshop is co-taught by San Miguel photographers Ri Anderson and Holly Wilmeth. It offers a structure for creative lens based explorations. The objective of this workshop is to rethink, collaborate, and discover new methods of creating. We will guide you to experiment in new ways. While we will offer technical support with cameras, computers and our scanner, the focus of this workshop is on visualization.

The class will include:
- flower mandala making
- portraiture and self-portraiture
- transformative body painting
- collaging in front of and behind the camera
- slide shows of innovative image makers
- collaborative stage setting
- more to be determined by group.

What you need:
- a computer with photoshop
(If you don't have photoshop we can arrange to have it installed on your laptop for an additional fee.
- Any type of camera from phone camera to point and shoot to professional SLR. No analogue film.

DATES: October 10-14
TIMES: 10am-2 pm
PRICE: $500 usd